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Submitted on
January 15, 2008
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     The sun shines brightly high in the sky, it's warmth tickling everything it touches with it's rays.
     The wind blows rustling the wheat stalks playfully. The noise it creates is barely heard over a little girl's giggling. Her laughter sounds like pure, liquid happiness without fear or sorrow.
     A little girl, barely the age of 3, runs happily through the wheat. Her curly hair matches the color of the wheat, and shines in the sun as it bounces about her shoulders.
     Her light purple sun-dress sticks out as the only bright color as it brushes about her legs as she runs. Her small sandaled feet run as fast as they can take her, sometimes almost making her lose her balance, but she manages to stay on her feet.
     At long last her feet get caught up and she falls forward. But her cheerfulness is still intacted and she doesn't even pause in her laughter and raises again to keep running.
     Her bright blue eyes look about, trying to find a path through the wheat. She stops to look in all directions, discovering that she is surrounded in every direction. This doesn't faze her though, and her smile reappears as she throws her hands up to the sky and twirls around in a circle, her laughter never ceasing.
Just a little something that came to me in another one of my boring classes.
I hope you like it.
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*doesn't notice spelling mistakes* XD~

Love it.

The epitome of how a little girl should be. Innocent and full of life.
Thanks, thanks for the fav too hun! :hug:
I didn't notice any spelling mistakes... :XD:
EmoPizza Jan 15, 2008   Traditional Artist
Aside from the few spelling mistakes, I got a very strong image from this. You may be suprised at the next thing that pops up in your inbox from me.
Spelling mistakes? Do tell!
Thanks a lot hun! :hug:
EmoPizza Jan 16, 2008   Traditional Artist
:lol: Stocks are stalks and intacted should be ed. That's all!

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